B Side Mortgages

General Scott Trainor 21 Jul

A “B” side mortgage or a B lender mortgage is any mortgage that is funded through nontraditional banks or lending sources and are commonly used by people who have been turned down by A lenders. An A lender mortgage is any mortgage funded through traditional lending sources. B lenders provide a lot of flexibility in […]

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Does Bruised Credit Mean No Mortgage?

Mortgage Tips Scott Trainor 5 Jul

Have you given up on buying a home because of bruised credit? Poor credit may happen for a plethora of reasons. Perhaps you lost a job, forgot or are unable to pay your bills, or just moved to a new country. Regardless of the reason, there is no need to feel discouraged. It may require […]

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Metis Nation of Saskatchewan First Time Home Buyer Grant

General Scott Trainor 14 Oct

The Metis Nation of Saskatchewan has created a First Time Home Buyer Program for Metis citizens in Saskatchewan. It is a one-time secondary grant to provide help with the down payment and closing costs connected with buying their first home. In staying with our theme of down payment options we present the ins and outs of […]

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Getting the Down Payment Down.

General Scott Trainor 6 Oct

A down payment is one of the most essential aspects of every mortgage application and new home purchase. In Canada, home purchases require a minimum cash payment from your own funds that is put towards the purchase. This is your down payment and is considered your stake in the deal. Many home buyers understand that […]

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Zero down mortgages

General Scott Trainor 24 Sep

No down payment mortgages in Saskatoon The biggest reason most people are renting, is not because they cannot approve it is because they do not have the ability to save the minimum down payment. No downpayment mortgages are no longer available exactly in Canada. Every mortgage requires a down payment, it’s a fact in Canada. […]

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Bankruptcy – getting a mortgage after

General Scott Trainor 27 Aug

Those who have gone through a bankruptcy or consumer proposal in Saskatoon sometimes only find out later that mortgages become tougher to gain. Luckily for those clients there are a few options when applying for a mortgage. Situations are different and should be looked at individually. In this article we will describe a few options […]

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Million Dollar Mortgages in Saskatoon

General Scott Trainor 12 May

Million dollar homes are becoming more and more common in the Saskatoon market, this article is to help you understand the difference of buying a six and a seven figure home. Areas such as Greenbryre, The Willows, Sask Cres., Spadina Cres. are home to high end homes that will check all of the boxes you […]

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Making The Grade: Common Myths About Credit Scores.

General Scott Trainor 27 Apr

How is your credit score calculated? It is a complex answer and, as such, common myths persist. Today, we are going to help you get a better understanding of your credit score and how to make the grade by busting the most common credit score myths! MYTH #1: TOO MANY CREDIT CARDS WILL HURT MY […]

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Find a bad credit mortgage lender

General Scott Trainor 3 Apr

People with bad credit have options when it comes to getting a mortgage. For a mortgage from a big bank in Canada, you need a minimum FICO score of 600. With scores below 600, most banks will decline you for a mortgage loan. If you don’t meet the minimum credit score, you’ll have to look for an […]

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Airport Drive becomes DLC FRESH MORTGAGE CO.

General Scott Trainor 16 Feb

AIRPORT DRIVE JOINS DOMINION LENDING CENTRES It is with much excitement that I can announce the grand opening of our new brokerage named DLC Fresh Mortgage Co.! Although our name has changed, we’re still located at the same great address with the same telephone number! I’m stoked to let you know that Saskatchewan’s #1 mortgage office […]

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