Airport Drive becomes DLC FRESH MORTGAGE CO.

General Scott Trainor 16 Feb


It is with much excitement that I can announce the grand opening of our new brokerage named DLC Fresh Mortgage Co.! Although our name has changed, we’re still located at the same great address with the same telephone number!

I’m stoked to let you know that Saskatchewan’s #1 mortgage office by volume (CMP Magazine 2017-2019) is only getting better. We still have the same terrific team of Mortgage Professionals offering excellent service to ensure you receive the best rates and products catered to your unique needs.

Since we’re now part of the number one Mortgage Broker company in Canada, we have expanded access to additional lenders. More lenders mean more options and added savings for our valued clients. This should improve out ability to get as many deals approved as possible. Number one in Saskatchewan joins number one in Canada, only makes sense.

Dominion Lending Centres is focused on providing great systems so we can easily communicate market conditions, interest rates and vital homeowner information to you moving forward. While making it easier and safer to do mortgages during these unprecedented times.

We still have one simple goal in mind – to provide every one of our past and future clients with unbelievable service, options and the very best mortgage options to meet your unique needs.

If you are looking for a new mortgage click the apply now! We will set up the first contact and start working to get you approved.

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Scott Trainor

Ultimate Checklist for Selling Your Home.

General Scott Trainor 13 Feb

Selling your home can be an extremely stressful experience. Between thinking about moving logistics and financials, it’s easy to miss the small details in between the process.

With that in mind, we’ve built this checklist for selling your home to help you keep track of the things that will get a potential buyer interested. Turns out, it’s not as simple as just fluffing pillows or doing a light dusting. “Put your buyer’s hat on and walk through your home like it is the first time,” Marilou Young, an Accredited Staging Professional and an Associate Broker with Virtual Properties Realty in the metropolitan Atlanta area, told Forbes.

Below is the ultimate checklist for selling your home.

For home sellers interested in the history of the house, make sure you’ve got all the information handy; this can include paperwork on renovations, property tax receipts, deeds and transferable warranties.

According to HGTV, it can be helpful to do some market research on what homes in your area are selling for- then shave 15 to 20 percent off that. This way, you attract multiple buyers who can end up outbidding each other and bringing up the price. While that can seem like a risky move, it could work in the competitive markets of big Canadian cities.

You want potential buyers to see themselves in the space, which is hard to do if you have family photos on the wall or personal items around. This would be a good time to start putting items in storage or try to keep your personal items out of sight. At the same time, you’re also ensuring that you’re keeping your house tidy—a must if you want to make your home sellable. Check around the house for dirt, stains or small cracks you might be able to fix. And if you have pets, make sure their litter boxes and play areas are also clean and odour-free.

Realtors can be helpful to take some of the processes off your plate, including marketing your home and arranging open houses. If you do go this route, none of this list will matter if you decide to work with a realtor that doesn’t know the market inside out. You can search their name on the Real Estate Institute of Canada to ensure that they’re qualified, and meet with them to see if you mesh and understand how they price your unit. At Proptalk, we also have this handy guide for more details.

While presenting an unconditional offer may win you the home of your dreams, it can also end up costing you more than you expected. If you’re mortgaged to the max, you can’t afford surprises like repairs or replacements that you haven’t already budgeted for. Consider a Home Protection Plan that includes an 18-month warranty and up to $20,000 in warranty coverage for major household features such as foundation, roof, heating and cooling.